To Error is Human


Greg the Scribe wanders threw the house noticing how empty it is with out the noise of the team running threw the house. There unnaturalness of this is what brought him from his studies in the basement, normally there would still be the sounds from outside filtering in threw the ducts in the home. “All alone I see” the voice came from a shadow of the hallway that lead to Ajax’s room sounded like a knife being slid across silk. “Whos that… I’ll have you know I’m armed and in a foul mood” Greg scrambled for the auto pistol that Kade had given him. “Oh now there will be no need for that sweetheart” from the shadows walked a woman of amazing beauty. Standing aittle over 6’3 dressed in a syth skin and little else. Her hair was cropped in the matter of the Sisterhood was almost mocking in respect of her manner. "I know your just as likely to shoot your self as me " she moved towards him with the grace of a phyrr cat. Although unarmed Greg felt very much the mouse. “I just wanted to ask you a few questions kitten and then ill be on my way and I’ll leave you to your studies” “I assure you that what ever your wanting to know I’ll have no answers” thats when he felt something metal wrap around his neck.


…Greg…? O_O.


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