To Error is Human

Death of the Brood

Note: This was not part of this adventure, I wrote it when Tom was doing his Deathwatch game. Most of our party did participate in the Deathwatch campaign so I figured this would be the best place to put this. Hope you like it :)

Burning Stealers—————————

Blackened bubbling ichor seeped from the cracks and gaps of their chitinous exoskeleton. By the time they knew of their impending doom the agitated generator had already buzzed to life and was pumping immense amounts of heat into their nest. Clawed hands pulled their burning weakened bodies limply out of their protective holes. Unearthly shrieks emitted from their elongated mouths.

Primeval eyes narrowed upon a lone figure that stood imposing in their nest. Within seconds the message had been relayed to the brood, their quarry must die. Many of the brood members had been able to pull themselves free, flopping to the grated flooring. Those that had not fled melted, fusing with the biological mass encompassing the walls of the nest.

A cacophony of other worldly shrieks drowned out the noise of the generator. While their ethereal cries of hate and pain reverberated outwards into the warp. An echoed cry of sorrow was sent by their exterior brethren.

Then the cries were silenced. Bolt rounds erupted from above, detonating within the crawling brood members. A mass of molten gore and tissue exploded and fizzled across the walls of the generator room. Brood members from the adjacent rooms awoke and swarmed over their new attackers. Blood lust and vengeance screeched from toothed gapping maws.

Multiple silhouettes of their prey stood about the hole to the generator room one floor below, ignorant of the reinforcements. Clearing the gap, a lone broodling leaped for the nearest food beast. Crashing into the beast it struggled to grab hold of its massive body. Before a better grip could be attained, the broodling was fended off by its prey’s large powerful arms. Quickly righting itself, the broodling roared in defiance before being cut down. It’s body blown apart by bolt rounds.

Flames roared out of a device its defending prey held. The flames superheated the organs inside the broodling, blowing its chest outward in a flaming geyser. With large sweeps the prey cornered the last of the reinforcements before incinerating their bodies. Charred and warped remains were all that was left of the part of the brood. Their etheric voices forever silenced.
Through bubbling blackened throats and the remnants of the brood still shrieked for blood.

Dragging themselves across the grated floor towards the prey standing in their nest, the few who survived the bolt fire encroached upon the lone figure. It swung a large object in a vain attempt at warding off its hunters. A third arm shot out at the closer brood members, but the swings were clumsy and inevitably missed.

Only two of the brood made it to that prey. However, their strength was all but gone. Their last psychic cries of defiance were slowly and painfully silenced as the heat of the generators boiled the last traces of their brains away. Reports of regret and worry filtered back from the external Tyranid leader beasts, in search of their dying kin. However, their cries were not responded in kind. The entire brood had been lost, and the prey was still alive.

Moments afterwards external vents leading from the generator opened, disintegrated Tyranid bodies began tumbling off the outer hull of the complex. Leader beasts pulled back their packs and broods and waited for the venting to cool enough to gain entry. Their brothers will be avenged and their quarry’s bio-mass absorbed back into the swarm.


Yay bugs!

Death of the Brood

Nah we can use this as one of the files you guys found.

Death of the Brood

Thanks Icky :P, but I do have one question. This log is written from the point of view of a bug, how did that get translated into a log? :)

Death of the Brood

im not sure

Death of the Brood

Thanks cool, I’m just glad you enjoyed it :)

Death of the Brood

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