To Error is Human

Eternal Glory

Acolyte Hex report Ajax barked into the vox as the last of the kill team took their respected positions on the Valkyrie. A few moments went by and the sounds of the Valkyrie’s engines started with a loud roar, the Machine spirit seemingly ready to eradicate heretics just as much as the joint inquisitorial kill team letting them know its anticipation with a steady hum as the engines RPM started to steady. The only one not on the edge of their seat with anticipation was the pilot named Jax all of the acolytes could sense a steady unnerving feeling emanating from the cockpit. Their mission was simple, they would enter the “Son’s of Sect” compound through a maintenance hatch and it was up to Jax to pilot the Valkyrie through anti air fire and intense ground fighting to hot drop them onto the roof of what seemed from aerial photos to be the command center. From there the Kill team codenamed “The First” would enter the facility and locate and assassinate an inquisitor who would be Denounced, judged and executed by their hands. As waiting for a Formal denouncement only would allow this vile heretic to escape into the hands of the Archenemy and further his heretical agenda unhindered..

The vox cracked on colonial Hex reporting, artillery arriving, fire and ice squads ready, Emperors Fist in position. 30 seconds till operation Eternal Glory has Green Light – Over
Eternal Glory has Green Light – Over
Ajax turns his head towards Templar Karzak Tel’i who had been granted full command of the mission, without a word Karzak gives Ajax a nod to give the order.
This is inquisitorial agent Ajax, Operation Eternal Glory is a Go, repeat Eternal Glory is a Go, You know your mission, the Archenemy will put up a fight, but do not allow those heretics any mercy and may the Emperor be with you.
While Ajax did not have time to plan any sort of rallying speech he had a air of authority that even saying something that simple over a vox channel to the tank crews that lay waiting for the order to attack was enough for most to make a rallying cry to the emperor and charge forth…and “most” was all the kill team needed for a diversion into the compound.
Karzak felt he had chosen correctly to have Ajax as his strategic commander to the ground troops, as while Hex seemed to be just as capable as Ajax in a commanding role such as this; Karzak felt he would rather not have a soon to be Orphan in control of the planets PDF forces, as a excommunicated acolyte commanding a baneblade with nothing to lose could cause a serious headache to Karzak’s Kill Team.

What in the Thrones name is that? Kade’s voice choking as he spat out his words, all spotted the giant beast standing in front and in all respects towering the compound. Karzak could feel the warp taint emanating off of the creature.
A Keeper of Secrets ExDrakas spoke with a sense of certainty that caused Karzak to wonder just how much of daemon kind was ExDrakas’s mind privy to.
Now was not the time however to question the Claric’s knowledge of such things as a much more important task was at hand, the Daemon had not attempted to intercept the Valkyrie and they soon were above the drop zone.
Emperor be with you Jax spoke as the hatches slid open and the kill team repelled to the complex below.

The First had one chance at this and they knew failure was not an option. They also knew they were guided by the Emperor light and so failure was not even possible.


w00t! Ajax for the win! This is awesome and very well done, hopefully I’ll have some time and can get my own combat log online ASAP.

Eternal Glory

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