To Error is Human

It builds up in me again

“Months ago I would have told you I was happy with my life, helping those in need on Bith, all the while studying my tome and seeing where to go next with my mission. But now….. now I feel sickened… sickened with the madness that has become my inner fear and hatred for someone I trusted and looked up to for years. Someone that I held honor for above even my own family, but have found that I am just a tool and held in the same regards in the eyes of my mentor. I am the reason that my new found friends are in danger. Had I not that day on Bith went with them to that library, Dagger would not of ever been able to touch their lives in the way he has. I have been blinded, blinded by the mission and my master. Haha “Master” I knew in the end I would just be a slave again! But wait I’m not fully a slave I still have my will, and I’m not some reprogrammed human like he did with Sister Claire or Gibson Green. Poor souls they are…. Claire finding out she is just a clone and Green just a puppet. For sure Claire may not have ever known the true if I was around but Green, would he have been better off dead if Dagger had not slithered into his life? And what of Creed what may have Dagger done to him? And after what we all have just found no one is safe! NO….I must not think of the past in this way and I must focus on the future. Damn Dagger and damn the Tarren’Ka prophecy just as I have been tricked into being damned myself. Although damned and tricked into being what I am, there is still no going back, not even to my home……by the Emperor…. home…. my family is gone…. Baris is no more…. Damn Skain as well then!! I will not faultier and will not allow others to fall into the same darkness. The sins placed before me I have put on my flesh, and I will carry them with me until the day I die for the God Emperor, for my family, and for my new family! My anger is my vengeance and even if I have nothing, even my soul, I can still offer my life! A Sin Eater I was made so a Sin Eater I will be!”

Just then a explosion happens, crumbling parts of the hive. ExDrakas now’s that many innocent people just died from it, he also knows it was caused by Dagger to cover up his dirty little secert.

“Coming to collect your sins soon Dagger!”



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