To Error is Human


“Well dont you just look pretty” Doc says taking a long drink out of a beaker.

Greens body or what was left of it lay on a metal slab before him. Both of his legs where gone just below the waist along with his left arm and from the forearm down on the right. His chest was had a gapping wound just over where his left lung would have been.

“How in the thrones name is he still alive” Doc said looking at the six men in his room. " And come to think of it who the frag are you" “who we are Eric doesn’t matter. Your task was to keep these men alive and thats just what your going to do” the man in the black robe pointed a metal finger towards the back yard of the house where the Valkyrie had landed a few moments ago “now get on board we will have everything you need where we are going however we don’t have the medical skills needed for the transport”…




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