To Error is Human

Wrath of the Emperor

“Emperor grant me the strength to see me through this battle. May the heretics quiver in the presence of your most Holy Name. See me through this black sea of chaos and into the warm glow of your golden radiance. I am your weapon.” Claire whispered the silent prayer to herself as the kill team circled around the glowing hole that had just melted through the upper floor of the space station. From here they would descend into the viper’s nest.

A volley of gun fire followed the drop of the metal plating. Of course, with the aid of a few grenades the opposition was quieted. The first to plummet into the fray was Kade, the captain whose ship was stolen and of which was their current target.

“Emperor protect us…” Claire muttered under her breath as she prepared to descend.
Raising from her crouched position, Claire swung her Eviscerator in front of her, her gloved hands gripping the steal handle, one hand resting on the start switch. A few blasts from Kade’s pistols told her there were still enemies below. Peering below she sighted her target, a man close to the back wall.

Having been given the go ahead to descend, Claire stepped forward and hopped into the hole. As she began her fall, Sister Claire brought her weapon to life. The motor roared like a ferocious beast and a puff of smoke escaped the exhaust pipes. The triple chain blades spun at a dizzying pace, becoming nothing but a blur as she revved the engine to full power.

As she landed on the metal floor beneath, her armor let out its metallic cry as she folded in upon herself, bending her knees to absorb the impact of her direct fall. Then it happened, in the blink of eye she sprung into action. Done in one fluid movement, Claire rose upward on one leg, keeping the other close to the ground to support her body as she heaved the massive tank buster upward at an angle.

Spinning, biting teeth met with armor, the grinding noise was soon replaced by the sickening sound of the Eviscerator’s teeth biting into flesh and bone. A gory fountain of blood and flesh erupted from the enemies body as Claire pushed forward, cleaving a vicious line across the man’s body. With two of the chain’s pulling upward and the middle chain pulling downward, the massive chainsaw dug its way through the body, as though it had a bloodthirsty life of its own seeking the man’s heart.

Finally the resistance of the enemies body ended as the Eviscerator tore through the other side, a final shower of blood spraying every which way and covered Claire’s snow white hair in crimson. The two portions of the man’s body fell to the either side, bits of flesh and bone littered the small lake of blood that had formed around the Sister of Battle and her extinguished victim.
She turned around, the Eye of the Inquisition imprinted on her right eye blazed red as though consumed by a blood lust that screamed for more. “May the Emperor find forgiveness for your damned soul, for I shall not.”


Begins a slow clap after wiping a single tear from the corner of his eye

Wrath of the Emperor


Wrath of the Emperor


Wrath of the Emperor

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