Karzak "THE RED" Tel'i


Psyker (Void Born) Rank: Savent-militant

Weapon Skill – 37
Ballistic Skill – 29
Strength – (3)0
Toughness – (4)1
Agility – (2)9
Intelligence – (4)9
Perception – (3)5
Willpower – (5)4
Fellowship – (3)6

Wounds 12 (11 Flagellant)

Advancements Taken:
Willpower (2)
Awareness (2) +10%
Psyrating (4)
Paranoid (1)
Light Sleeper (1)
Unshakable faith (1)
Intelligence (1)
Perception (1)
Dodge (2) +10%
Medicea (1)
Psyniscience (1)
Invocation (1)
Forbidden lore (Warp) (1)
Forbidden Lore (Psyker) (1)
Tech-Use (1)
Psychic power (1)
Weapon Skill (2)
Melee weapon Training (power)
Blade Master


Port Wander, located on the edge of Druses Marches sub sector, the edge of humanity itself some say. Port Wander is the last stop before entering what is known as the “Halo Stars,” not that anyone stops there anyway anymore. Long forgotten by the average Imperial citizen, it once was used as an active research station dedicated to the exploration of the closest “Halo Star” XR-224. XR-224 unfortunately yielded nothing of importance to the Imperium and the station was abandoned save a few squatters which over time repopulated the lost station.

This is where Karzak Tel’i was born. Born out of wedlock to a young station mechanic Marie Tel’i, he was taught at an early age to use the tech available on the Research station and gained a basic knowledge of the workings of Port Wander. Friendship in Port Wander was a challenging affair, while the normal child of Port Wander spent their time learning about the God Emperor and following the teaching of the Ecclesiarchy, Karzak would always be found alone left to swim in his own thoughts. This act of seclusion away from the teachings of the Ecclesiarchy was frowned upon by the other youth at Port wander and they labeled Karzak as a loner and “creepy.” At the age of 13 everything changed for Karzak, something that would haunt him for the rest of his life, his first manifestation of psychic power…his first dive into the warp.

One night deep within the medical sector of Port Wander, Karzak was alone (like normal) when a few bold youths came to greave upon Karzak. Wielding homemade bludgeons they cornered Karzak, at first the “play” started as a few gentle prods and name calling, then it started to get out of control. Karzak defended himself as best he could but soon the bloodlust of the youth kicked in and they started to beat the “creepy” loner. The metal piping used in the home made bludgeons made a distinct and very audible sound as they made contact to Karzaks undefended body. Darkness filled Karzaks eyes as he slowly blacked out as the youth continued to break Karzaks bones apart.
Dreams of dark angels casting flame upon crying children and great beasts filleting open the body’s of chained humans upon pillars of bone and sinew flooded into Karzak’s mind.
When he awoke from his nightmares the room was dark, and it took Karzaks bloody and bruised eyes a few seconds to adjust to the darkness….something coppery in smell filled the air and all that could be heard was a light ticking of what seemed to be broken wires. Something had happened in this room but at the moment Karzak wanted nothing more then to just escape…the youth nowhere to be seen. Upon walking through the halls of the station, smears of what seemed to be a red sticky liquid painted the walls, the smell of copper ever dominant in the air…“I just need to make it back to my mother, she will know what happened.”

The habitation module’s automatic doors were torn free from the very gears that held them in place, Karzak could easily see the great carnage that lay within. Bodies strung up on the wall by their own skin, tacked in place by their own bones. Some of the bodies looked to be torn in half, some bodies looked like they had been a mismatched assortment of various parts from other bodies. Karzak let out a scream, no one would ever hear that scream as he was the only one left alive in this sector of Port Wander. His mother stripped bear and skin and organs ripped free from her body the only thing left intact was one eye left to look upon Karzak as he entered his dorm.
There Karzak stayed, for two whole days under the watchful eye of his now rotting mother until he gained the strength to escape the hell that he was left to witness, that he was left to be the only survivor.
Karzak wandered aimlessly until he came upon another sector of the station. Habitation Module 6 was untouched from the carnage and Karzak could hear the happy chants and revelry behind the automatic doors. He entered and walked into the center of the Hab and collapsed without saying a word.
The massacre was labeled as mutant activity and station wide man hunt for mutants purged the station of any form of mutation. A few were found and dispatched but everyone questioned from that day why a lone child of Habitation Module 8 was the only human left alive some even went as far to question Karzak as a rogue psyker.

By the time the Black Ship arrived at Port Wander 7 years had passed without an incident, Karzak a student of medicine was quickly revealed as a psyker by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica agents who had worked off of a few anonymous tips. Karzak left Port Wander in shackles that day to start a long 20 year assessment by the hands of the Scholastia Psykana.

Terra was not as beautiful as the Ecclesiarchy had described, its oceans had been long boiled off and the planet now looked like (at least to Karzak) a horrifying husk of temples and hives.
After much mental punishment and torture by the Scholastia Psykana, Karzak was deemed of able mind and will and granted a Imperial Sanction and released into a Imperial Guard unit located on the war world of Farcast in the Malfian Sub-Sector. There Karzak, kept in cages lined with needles during transit, were sent on suicide missions to eliminate various targets or find information vital to the war effort. The Emperor marked Karzak as one of his chosen and thus Karzak always completed his missions, no matter how low the probability of survival.

Inquisitor Creed caught wind of Karzak’s accomplishments in Farcast and decided to free him from his cage and allow him to join Creed as one of his Acolytes. Karzak had only two choices that day, to join Creed or die on a back water War World. Creed’s offer was the only choice that Karzak saw.

Karzak "THE RED" Tel'i

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