Type: Pleasure World
68.8% Water – 5% which is fresh water
31.2% Land
Gravity: 1.04G
Temperature: Temperate
Average Temperature: 16.4°C
Population: 925 Million
Planetary Governor: Sator Proditor
System: Lucunditas System
Sector: Deus Diripio Sector
Sub Sector: Pacis Sub Sector
Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus


Baris is a large pleasure world mixed with agricultural ties. It is but a wink of what Holly Terra use to be but has all the same characteristically needed of a self sustaining planet. Being a pleasure planet it is the home of Imperial nobility but is liked more by that of nobility from the Adeptus Administratum and Adeptus Ministorum.

The Imperial pleasure world of Baris has been entirely dependent upon its reputation as a paradise world but ever since the agri-worlds of Fredia II, Quiler I, and Giblion I, in the Hoblis sub sector, suffered from a ecological catastrophe 350 years ago, it had to depend on much more. With out the food supply from these three planets 85% of all the planets in the Dues Diripio Sector had to flee or just become mining or forge worlds but not very good ones since there is not much you can do with systems that have dieing suns. Even Baris being a very abundant planet was not able to sustain the sheer number of just nobles that once lived on the planet. It had to clear space for producing food and to do so also move in workers to harvest and maintain the many food sources. The nobles that lived on the planet reached out to the Administratum for assistance since they did not want there slice of paradise to come to too much waste, be swarmed by the lower class, and crime. The Administratum granted some assistance by sending a few frigate ships of supplies a few times a year but at the cost of a higher tariff than normal, thus less need for workers and production factories. This tariff was only 1.09% higher than the average tariff since the other sectors where in abundance and the Pacis Sub Sector did house a few Cardinal and Shrine worlds that where already in route for supplies as well.



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