Working for the Throne isn’t easy… Long hours, no pay and well lets face it your not in it for the ladies. What makes it almost worse is the fact that when you screw up its never small. I mean working at a smelts was easy when you think about it, Steel bar is flawed toss it and remelt it. Screw up in the guard and maybe lose a few hundred loyal troops and battle gear. Forget to strap up going in to the hive you may lose your money and gear if yer lucky …
Screw up as one of the emperors agents… Worlds Die.
~ Grim

To Error is Human is based in the Shrine System that stands on the edge of the Calixis Sector just outside the Halo Stars. The party (they haven’t chosen a name as of yet)have been tasked with not only trying to prove there Inquisitors innocents but trying to stop a ancient prophecy that could doom the sector as well as the rise of a new enemy to all man kind.

Update: Inquisitor Creed was released from the Tricorn fortress and granted immunity to prior charges. However he is being closely watched by his fellow members.


{Ajax and Green leaving the 13th after their meeting with Creed.}

The Shrine system Has been under imperial control for the last 500 years. After it was discovered that the 2 of the 3 systems had all ready been discovered and retained human life lost from the Emperors light since the time of Horus many of these worlds have just recently been to be brought back to the fold,

*Planets in the Shrine system *

Syith , the world of graves is a shrine world to the sector. It is said that there is no greater honor then for soldier to be buried on this planet. Also home to Black Rock Prison one of the only ports of call for the Black Ships.


Byth,Once viewed as a paradise world where the wealthy and learned could control the system. Byth has since turned in to a hive world the oceans that once filled with healthy fish have now been replaced with oil rigs. However the schools and library’s are said to almost rival Terra. In the recent events one of the Library’s known as Socorro Imperious was raided by a small group of armed terrorists It is unknown what happened there however since that time the building has been sealed and its books burned.

Mecha 45, A forge world that was discovered and had been operating even before the systems rediscovery years ago. Not much is known about the planet due to landing on the surface by any other Priests of the Machine God is forbidden Photobucket

Malice, The newest planet to join the Empire has had a rocky start the planets own government have been strained with payment of taxes and its people have recently started to openly rebel putting this world into almost a constant state of urban war. To date the PDF has been able to control the planet with only mild assistance from the Magistratum. However over the last year a local group of terrorists called the the Winters Hand have done a rash of suicide bombings have made many of the sectors nobles take notice.


Port Wander,Being a border dwelling, Port Wander has a diverse population: traders, spies, merchant factors, pilgrims, missionaries, soldiers, sailors, Administratum functionaries and servants of the Adeptus Mechanicus.1c Due to the fact that through this station lots of riches flow and that the structure itself requires a lot of maintenance, its corridors and outer surfaces are filled with life1a – whose activity is overseen by Adeptus Arbites from their Precinct Complex.1d A Naval Commander,Larius Sans, is in charge of station’s government.

Over the last 20 years the Adeptus Mechanicus have pulled their support from the station other then what is needed to keep the place afloat. the place has also become a den for pirates and other Xenos mercenary’s. Little is know why Larius has been letting this go on however he has not been seen in the last few years.


{ The Devils Due in high orbit over Port Wander }

MORKRAGE or Mork as its normally called is a planet that has been half heartily fought over for the last 80 years the planet its self has been taken from the Orks lost to the Orks so often that guard only now sends Penal legions to fight there. There are some small pockets of humanity left but they are few and far between.

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To Error is Human

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