A large brutish man, that has a soft spot for big, loud guns.


Divination: “Violence Solves Everything."

WS – 42
BS – 50
Str – 39
T – 41
Agi – 40
Int – 29
Per – 33
WP – 32
Fel – 32

Wounds: 17
Fate: 2
Corruption: 0
Insanity: 5

XP: 2600/2625

Advancements Taken: Weapon Skill (5), Ballistic Skill (10), Agility (5), Willpower (5), Fellowship (+5)

Talents/Traits: Sound Constitution (x4), Quick Draw, Thrown Weapons (basic), Bulging Biceps, Rapid Reload, Heavy Weapon (SP)

Weapon Training: Melee (Primitive), Pistol (Las), Basic (Launcher), Basic (Las)

Skills: Awareness, Dodge, Tech Use(SP), Demolitions, Security, Blather, Slight of Hand, Common Lore (Imperium), Peer (Nobility), Peer (Mercantile), Trade (Weaponsmith)

Wealth: 97 TG

Gear: Backpack, Clothing, Rations (1 week), Uplifting Primer, “Street Clothes,” micro vox-link.

Armor: Guard Flak 4 (ALL)


Heavy Stubber: SP Heavy, 1d10+4, I, Pen 3, R 120m, //10, Clip 200, Reload: 2Full

Deathlight (lasgun): Las Basic, 1d10+5, E, Pen 2, R 50m, s/3/-, Clip 18, Reload: Full
Red Dot sight

Grenade Launcher: * Basic, *, *, Pen *, R 60m, s/-/-, Clip 6, Reload: Full
//*: depends upon the current grenade loaded.

Hand Axe: melee, 1d10+1(str +3), R, Pen 0, R -, Primative, unbalanced


//Note: as you can see this is not yet finished, I just wanted to post something to show my progress.

History of Ajax

Military Career -

Shouts and screams echoed into the small hole. Blood and dirt covered his quivering body. His hands covered his ears as he lay curled up under the toppled truck. The occasional gun shot would startle the boy, but he remained quiet.

‘She will be back soon,’ thought the youth. His eyes darted about in the darkness. ‘She said she’d be back.’ A small box was clenched in his whitening knuckles. Slowly his heavy eyes closed.

‘It was my fault…’

The air was hot. Sand pricked at the faces of the convoy passengers as they roared across the massive desert expanse. Children ran about playing games and singing songs of the Emperor. One boy however, jumped from vehicle to vehicle as they traveled. His mother yelled his name from several trucks back. He would ask the watchers if they could see anything or how long until they arrive. Those still maintaining their patience told him, “not much longer, now go back to your mother.”

Ignoring the wise advice from the watchers the boy continued forward. He wanted to be at the front, to see the great holy city. This wasn’t his first time going, but the arrival always excited him. The elders of the tribe would tell stories: Metal labyrinths, spirits and daemons that inhabited the city. These tales would spark his imagination and he would strike out on his own; making minor quests into the ruins when the adults weren’t watching.

The elders explained that by covering oneself in mud spirits and unholy creatures could not smell or track you. Even the adults muddied themselves before heading out. So smothered in clay and dirt, the boy would trek through the ruins. This year, he planned to go in unprotected. If he couldn’t find a spirit, they’d find him.

That evening the caravan still had not reached the city, but the tips of its spires could be seen in the distance. One more day of travel was all that was needed. The vehicles had been circled around and armed guards sat chatting on their roofs. A large fire had been built in the middle of the encircled convoy and the adults were talking amongst themselves. The boy, however, was not so lucky.

“By the Emperor’s name, what did you think you were doing!?” Screamed his mother. The boy shrunk away trying to avoid his mother’s deadly gaze. “Ajax! Answer me when I’m talking to you!”

“I-I wanted to see the holy city, mom.” He stammered.

“I don’t care if you’re gonna see the holy throne itself, you do not jump between moving vehicles!” She roared again, “Do you know how dangerous that is!? The entire tribe is angry at me for letting you do that!” Her face was now a bright crimson.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t sorry me, just don’t do it!”

“I’ve done it before, I haven’t gotten hurt.”

“It only takes one mess up and you can die, Ajax.” She kneeled down in front of the trembling child. “I love you Ajax, I just want you to be safe.” She leaned in close.

Ajax instinctively pulled away, but her soft arms forced him back. “You do want to join the sacred order of the guard, right?”

“Just a few more years…” Ajax began, but the door slammed open. The leering silhouette of a man stood in the door way.

“Ajax, you little shit…” The figure slurred as he stumbled into the room, the glint of the rotgut bottle shone in the light.

His mother stood up to face the intruder.

“I spoke with him, Victor. He’ll never do it again.”

The man stopped and pointed the bottle at her, “you said that before… so I got to thinking, maybe the problem here is…is the lack of a man in the boy’s life.” He attempted to steady himself. “Your husbands’ been long dead, maybe it’s time you found another man.”

She clenched her fists, “When I meet a man worth a throne, you’ll be the first to know. Now leave before you embarrass yourself further.”

The man shambled towards her. In the light, Ajax could make out the dark smile growing across his face. “I’m at least worth that much. Now why don’t we…”

“Get away from my mom!” screamed Ajax as he wedged himself between the two. His arms were spread wide in defiance, though the top of his head only came to the man’s waist.

“What’s this then?” Victor stumbled back at the sudden uproar from the boy.

“Get away!” Ajax yelled again.

Victor paused for a moment. “So the little bastard has a tongue, does he?” Before Ajax could move, the bottle hit him in the side of the head. The world spun as Ajax hit the ground. There was a loud ringing that drowned out the rest of the noise.

Through his blurred vision, he could see his mom trying to fend of the man. He tried to let out a scream, but his mouth didn’t seem to work. His vision darkened and went black.

Through the dark he could hear crying. ‘Who is that?’ he thought. It was his mother. He felt like he was drowning, like there was something clogging his throat. Suddenly the world snapped back. Ajax sat upright, spewing a glob of blood from his mouth. Gasping for breath, he looked about. His mother was on her knees next to him, her face wet with tears.

“Mom! Are you okay?” He said.

“Ajax!” She cried as she began kissing his cheeks. “I thought that dog had killed you.”

He continued to hack up blood and spit. Ajax eventually managed, “What happened to him, are you okay?”

His mom stopped, looked over her shoulder, then back to him. “I’m tougher than I look. You’re such a brave boy to help me.” She clenched him tightly.

“Where…where is he?”

She chuckled, “He’s over there next to the door.”

A figure was hunched over crying. His hand was pinned to the wall with a kitchen knife. Though the light was bad, Ajax could see bruises all across his face. So much so Victor couldn’t open his right eye.

Ajax soon realized there were other people in the room. The closest one was Doctor Sarah, kneeling over him. She smiled. A couple others were there; one was trying to free Victor’s hand from the wall, but his whimpering and complaining was making it difficult. Ajax got to his feet with the help of Sarah and his mom.

Victor smiled at him, “See I didn’t kill the boy, I ain’t done nothin bad. She attacked me!” He pleaded.

Ajax stalked up to the man and spit bright red in his face.

“You fucking little…” was all the man could get out.

Ajax planted a foot onto the man’s face as hard as he could. The sounds of breaking cartilage and squirting blood reverberated up his leg. “Shut up and leave my mom alone.” The men around him chuckled. Ajax walked away.

Victor’s head fell limp. Sarah checked his vitals, “He’s just out cold. He should be back…” Ajax stopped listening and gave his mom the biggest hug he could.

The ruins were immense, stretching so tall that Ajax couldn’t see the top. He had stayed by his mother’s side for the passed couple weeks since the incident, but things seemed to have calmed down. Ajax was getting bored. He had managed a couple trips into the city already, but those were with the adults in search of the demons that infested the ancient cities.

Gerard, the warrior commander, had heard of Ajax’s run in with Victor. Impressed by the child’s bravery, Gerard extended the offer to have Ajax join the search team as a distant observer. He would stay back with the gunners and help keep an eye out for demons. He had proved himself helpful on one occasion, when a couple fiends had snuck passed the main body. Ajax spotted them coming up from behind. The heavy stubber and small arms cut them down in short order, their green corpses left discarded in the searing sun. Ajax was made honorary watcher for his assistance in the engagement and awarded one of the tribe’s signature war axes.

Gerard believed Ajax of full enough maturity and accepted Ajax into training a full year before was customary. This was not unheard of in his tribe, but still it was a great honor. His mother hosted a small party upon his return home from the first day of training.

It was just after midday and he was “off duty” as he called it. Everyone else was relaxing, cleaning guns and preparing for the evening expedition into the city. Ajax stopped, by the temple said his prayers to the emperor and had the hosting brother bless him. When the brother asked, Ajax responded simply, “it’s for tonight, just thought it might help.”

With the Emperor’s blessing and his new axe, Ajax stalked off towards the city. He stopped at a
hole in the wall of a building. A purity seal fluttered in the sandy wind above the portal. Smiling, he patted the dirt and walked through the portal assured of his safety.

The outskirts of the city had long since been picked bare, not even broken glass remained in the
sand. Only the steel girders, rockcrete, and rebar remained of the city’s construction. Ajax stopped at every metallic whine and creak, said a prayer to the Emperor and continued. He felt
naked without his extra layer of dirt, making him even more worried.

“The Emperor watches over us, his light guiding us through this life and into the next.” He muttered to himself. The further in he went the more relaxed he became. The toppled buildings were familiar to him from previous expeditions. Upon entering a large warehouse, he felt an odd creeping feeling as though someone was watching him.

Something told him to get low and stay quiet. That this wasn’t something he could fight. Without a moment more he dropped down behind a window and slunk along the wall, just like Gerard had shown him.

He found a desk and ducked behind it. Hidden from view, he waited. A few moments later a couple of heavy thuds came from the window. Something dog-like sniffed the air. Ajax did not move. Another pair of thuds sounded. The sniffing continued for a short bit. Ajax’s breath slowed as the foot steps approached.

“I don’t tink he’s in ‘ere.” Whispered a deep voice, only a few feet from his hiding spot.

“You’z sure? I sawz him comes dis way, may be he down a bit more.”

“We’z better not lose him or da boss will be mad.”

“Eh, da boss can shove it…” The two voices fell from ear shot as they moved further into the building.

A heavy metallic ring snapped the youth from his slumber.

To be continued—-
(When school lightens up on the homework)

Guard Life:
Inquisitorial Service:
Return to the Guard:
Reintegration into the Inquisition:


Home Planet
Planet name:
Lid-Fe I

Planet info:
Large – 1.2x Terra
Mineral abundance
65% desert, 11% industrial, 18% misc, 6% water
Irregular orbit
Surface – unstable

Planetary History:
Neigh over a millennia ago the planet of Lid-Fe I, had been a forge world in the making. The Adeptus Mechanicus had dumped a fortune in its construction, even though its irregular orbit and surface instability raised concerns among the more conservative members. This irregular orbit would eventually pull the planet into its own sun. Careful calculations and stellar trajectories indicated that this event would be at least a millennia after the planet would be rendered useless due to a strong strip mining effort. Surface scans and expeditions indicated that there was a soft layer of clay which rested under the mounds of sand; this would make building difficult and dangerous in some areas. Main supports would have to be sunk miles below the surface into the harder bedrock to provide support.

Construction of the great factories and mining equipment continued for a century, but much of the structures had collapsed due to ground shifts. On such unstable ground, millions of lives were claimed. More men and supplies brought in monthly, and sent to the site for deconstruction. Still even with the set backs costs were within the estimations, so construction continued.

A few short months after the 120th anniversary of construction, a massive asteroid came into the system headed straight for the Lid-Fe I. Scans showed an Ork hive thriving just below the surface. A Waaagh had been brought to the planet. Planetary defense ships attempted to protect their charge, with powerful lance and plasma weaponry. Huge chunks of the surface we sheared away, but did little to change the trajectory for stop the celestial body. As the assault on the asteroid continued, the Adeptus Mechanicus began pulling valuable pieces of technology from the building sites. Transport ships shuttled high ranking members off the surface. A select group of tech priests had been sent about to construct defenses and plan retreat paths.

This was all unbeknownst to the mass population until it was too late. Planetary governors in the system began shipping soldiers and supplies to the planet, by order of the priests of Mars. Workers had been conscripted into the PDF and stationed en masse at strong points. Trained soldiers had been dispersed as trainers for the conscripted. Calls for assistance were met by two neighboring Space Marine chapters. Reinforcements were to arrive within the next couple months to assist the clean up and purification. Lid-Fe I was ready for war.

A mass of panic spread through out the crowd when word of the asteroid had finally been spread. Star ports were flooded preventing any more extraction. Those that attempted became swamped by a swarm of manics trying to flee their doom. Afterburners incinerated those who could not escape their path. Bodies of the desperate clung to the hull, only to inevitably loose their grasp and fall. Lid-Fe I’s population would have to remain.

Then just as the calculations predicted, the asteroid hit. However, the impact was much larger and devastating then expected. The soft layer of clay should’ve absorbed much of the impact; however the actual point of impact had been rather devoid of clay. A colossal sand storm whipped across the planet as the asteroid tore into the atmosphere. Those caught in the sands were picked up and dashed across buildings and then eroded by the pelting sand. The paint on the sides of buildings was whittled away; smaller buildings didn’t stand a chance and were shook apart. So powerful was the impact that the planet’s already irregular orbit was knocked even more off kilter. Later calculations showed that 90% of the planets longevity had been lost due to this change in orbit.

Shockwaves traveled through the surface creating massive earth quakes and fissures, toppling whole cities. Buildings meant to stand the test of time, buckled and fell. Untold millions lay crushed under these masses of metal. Death was everywhere.

Worse still the Orks began swarming out like locust. The immediate surroundings were enveloped without even giving the Orks pause. Roving bands of Orks zipped across the desert on shoddy improvised vehicles. Few cities remained to defend, but those that did were enough to stall their rampage. However, they could not hold on indefinitely one by one the cities feel to the green tide.

The sands were stained red with the blood of both sides. Every person man, woman, and child carried a gun on their person. So that they were able to defend themselves at all times. Manufactoriums continuously made new ammunition, weapons, and tanks from the automated drilling structures within each city. People began to feel a sense of duty to the cities and its protection. Birth rates went up in an attempt to keep up with the demand for soldiers. With teaching and indoctrination this bond to the city became even stronger.

The months passed, millions died of exposure, starvation, and war. That is at least, until that faithful day when the Adeptus Astartes made planet fall. Like angels the massive legendary forms of the Space Marines descended upon the Ork horde and halted the tide.
In the initial firestorm many Ork leaders were hunted down and mercilessly slaughtered. Leaderless and against strong resistance the Orks scattered. Until the last Ork stronghold was the very asteroid that brought them to Lid-Fe I. A massed bombardment campaign leveled the asteroid, and made the area completely uninhabitable.

With the Orks divided, the Space Marines abandoned Lid-Fe I and left it to its own devices. Roving Ork warbands now plagued the massive desert planet. Trade caravans still feared possible attack and refused to set down on the planet. The few remaining astropaths left on the planet coordinated with the ships in orbit and system planets. The surviving tech priests developed a plan for the planet.

Their most prying issue was the protections and retrieval of their technology. Unable to abandon their great works, now buried under the sands the Adeptus Mechanicus could not afford to simply leave. They would have to send expeditions out into the sands and gather the technology. However, there would be two issues facing them. The first, was the warbands that traveled the desert hunting for a good fight and supplies. Second, would be looters stealing their technology.

To solve their issue they began to indoctrinate the following generations into protecting their home world and guarding the ancient ruins. Huge caravans would span the desert and hunt down the Ork menace and later on ward off looters. Ecclesiarch missions were placed strategically across the surface providing food and supplies to the tribes, mandatory annual

A neighboring planetary governor bargained with the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus to use Lid-Fe I’s people as supplement for his own imperial tithe. After careful negotiations a pact was settled upon. It was over a century passed before the next trader vessel landed, as careful plans were put in place.

Cultural History:
Modern Culture:
Imperial Involvement:


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