ExDrakas Consecro

"I will hear your sins now brother and through pain your soul will find forgiveness"


Character Name: ExDrakas Consecro

Career: Cleric
Rank: 7
Home World: Noble Born – Planet Baris
Quirk: Electoo
Divination: “Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life” +2 Strength
Experience Level: 8,100

Description: ExDrakas is well-built weighing in about 93kg, standing at about 1.92m, and is 31 years old. His skin is fair and has no hair. He has electoos covering the whole body in imperial script and Ecclesiarchy chants. He also has golden, glowing eye lenses that have the imperial creed scripted on his left eye and the symbol of the inquisition on the right. If you can get past all the electoos on his face you can see he is always smiling.


No stacking done on repeat Skills or Talents also note that Performer (Singing) was swapped for Trade (Tattooist) at the GM’s discretion.

Cleric: Page 25 of Dark Heresy Core

  • Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Creed)(Int), Trade (Tattooist)(Ag/Int), Trade (Cook)
  • Starting Talents: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (SP), Basic Weapon Training (Primitive)

Noble Born: Page 15 of Inquisitor’s Handbook

  • Starting Skills: Literacy (Int), Speak (High/Low Gothic)(Int)
  • Etiquette: +10 bonus on Charm, Deceive and Scrutiny Tests when dealing with high authority and in formal situations.
  • Supremely Connected: Peer (Nobility), Peer (Mercantile)
  • Vendetta
  • Shadowed Blood: By the GM’s discretion removed the Noble Wealth

Redemptionist Firebrand:(200xp) Page 32 of Inquisitor’s Handbook

  • Characteristics: Reduce starting Fellowship by -5
  • Starting Skills: Interrogation (WP), Intimidate (S)
  • Talents: Unshakable Faith, Melee Weapon Training (Chain)
  • Insanity Point: Start with 1d5 Insanity points rolled a 4

Sin Eater: Given at GM’s discretion located on page 58 of Radical’s Handbook

  • Sin Scarred: Unnatural Toughness (x2) from Daemons (Both ranged and Melee), Psychic Powers, Psy active weapons (such as Daemon or Force) and Holy Damage. +20 to Willpower for the purposes of Daemonic Mastery Tests or when determining the willpower in comparison to a Daemon weapon. Gain 2d10 Corruption rolled a 19
  • Sin Eater Advancements: Can pick advancements from the Sin Eater Tree

Wounds: 14
Fate Points: 3


  • Current: 9
  • Degree of Madness: n/a
  • Disorders: n/a


  • Current: 24
  • Degree of Corruption: 2
  • Malignancies: Night Terrors, Palsy


  • Half Action: 4
  • Full Action: 8
  • Charge: 12
  • Run: 24


Weapon Skill: 55 A:III
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 42
Toughness: 38 x2 See Sin Scarred for special rules
Agility: 41 A:I Suffering from Palsy -3 base stat was 39
Intelligence: 35 A:II
Perception: 31
Willpower: 50 A:II
Fellowship: 40 A:I Firebrand reduced -5 base stat was 40

NOTE: A = Number of Characteristic Advances Taken


Awareness (Per) +10
Barter (Fel) Ba
Carouse (T) Ba
Charm (Fel) Sk
Climb (S) Ba
Command (Fel) Sk
Concealment (Ag) Ba
Contortionist (Ag) Ba
Deceive (Fel) +10
Disguise (Fel) Ba
Dodge (Ag) +20
Evaluate (Int) Ba
Gamble (Int) Ba
Inquiry (Fel) Ba
Intimidate (S) Sk
Logic (Int) Ba
Scrutiny (Per) Ba
Search (Per) Ba
Silent Move (Ag) Ba
Swim (S) Ba


Acrobatics (Ag) +10
Speak Language Low Gothic (Int) Sk
Speak Language High Gothic (Int) Sk
Literacy (Int) Sk
Interrogation (WP) Sk
Trades: Sk

  • Tattooist (Ag/Int) +20
  • Cook (Int) Sk

Common Lore:

  • Imperial Creed (Int) Sk
  • Ecclesiarchy (Int) Sk

Scholastic Lore:

  • Legends (Int) +10

Forbidden Lore:

  • Heresy (Int) Sk
  • Cults (Int) Sk
  • Daemonology (Int) Sk

Advances Talents and Traits

Sound Constitution: I
Peer (Nobility)
Peer (Mercantile)
Unshakable Faith
Hard Target
Quick Draw
Sin Scarred
Armour of Contempt
Dark Soul
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Strong Mind
Mental Fortress
Combat Master
Crushing Blow
Hatred (Daemons)
Berserk Charge
Sure Strike
Swift Attack
Furious Assault
Leap Up
Lightning Attack

Weapon Training Talents

Pistol Training (SP)
Basic Weapon (Primitive)
Melee Weapon Training (Chain)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Melee Weapon Training (Power)



Photo Contacts
Tattoo Equipment
Micro Bead
Writing Kit
Excruciator Kit
Duffle Bag
Bed Roll
Bent Coin
Bag of Old Spices
Daily Prayers 25
Imperial Tome
Tome of the Tarren’Ka
Noble Cleric Robes
Empty Data Pad


Whisper of the Faithful



Master Craft Stormtrooper




Redemption of Fire to True Redemption in a Grandfather’s Eyes

Into the Flames in a Young Man’s Heart

At the age of 13, young ExDrakas, started to grow a hatred in his heart from having to live in the shadows of his families former glory. Growing up as a Consecro on Baris, although a pleasure planet, can be mentally scaring to those that do not know of war and all of its scars that can weigh on a man’s mind. Being from house Consecro has been increasingly harder socially since the fall of the family over 52 years ago, especially for a young noble. Although many of the lower class elders and older generations on Baris remember what Donaves Consecro did for them years ago, there is much fresh blood that has moved onto Baris since the new noble family moved in as Planetary Governors, that only see the Consecro family as low as any other lower class citizen. With the pressure of the other noble families becoming increasingly more intense and with young EcDarkas wanting to be excepted by what should be his peers by right finally became the force that made ExDrakas the man he is today, but only by going against his family’s teachings.

One night young ExDrakas sneaked out of his family’s home and meet up with some other young nobles. These were the same young nobles that have tormented ExDrakas and his family for years, but ExDrakas was confident that by his actions alone he could sway his family’s name back into favor in there eyes, but that night the nobles had a plan for ExDrakas. ExDrakas was invited down to the food cellar of one of the noble families where a young noble girl by the name of Shelk Proditor. Her father is the newly appointed planetary Governor after his grandfather was cast down from the position. Said she had a surprise for ExDrakas. As they came down to the dark cellar, that was only lit by candle lite, ExDrakas saw a young servant boy that was gagged and tied to a chair.

“His name is Feol and he was a servant of my family’s but we cought him stealing food from us a few days ago and has been down here since as punishment.” said Shelk.

ExDrakas couldn’t keep his eyes off of Feol, who look very scared, tired, and hungry. He has seen many people on the streets with the same look in there eyes in the last few years, but just before ExDrakas emotions took full to weight, Shelk moved in close to him and said “You look sick ExDrakas! Your not feeling sorry for this little maggot, are you?”

Shelk circles Feol looking right into ExDrakas’s eyes smiling. “Your not like the rest of your family are you ExDrakas? Your not a real Consecro like your brash brother, Sulk or your silly old grandfather, Donaves?”

She circled Feol again, sliding her hand over his shoulders like a snake, but still staring into ExDrakas’s eyes. “I have a task for you ExDrakas! A little test to see if you really do have true noble blood in those thick veins of yours!”

Shelk quickly moved in close to ExDrakas. This is the closest he has ever been to Shelk. He could smell her perfume and the flicker of the candles in her eyes. She smiles at him finally taking her ice blue eyes off of his just to give ExDrakas a look down his chest just to bring them back up to meet his eyes again. She licks her upper lip and said “I want you to beat Feol for his crime! I want you to show him what is done to thieves that steal from the noble families! I want you to prove to us that you are a noble, but most of all…” She moves in closer caressing ExDrakas’s right check with her’s and whispers. “….I want you to prove that your a noble to yourself!”

ExDarkes’s heart started to race and he could feel the blood pumping through his veins as if on fire. His head started to flood with the teachings of his family only to be drowned out by the taunts of the other young nobles in the room. He took a step closer to Feol and stopped. Memories of all those sad and in pain he had helped with his family flooded his mind when he looked into Feol’s eyes. Again the taunts got louder and visions of ExDrakas and is brother being beaten by other nobles took sway.

Shelk grabbed ExDarkes’s shoulder and said, “This will redeem you, ExDarkes! You will again be a noble when you act as one!”

ExDrakas moved closer, fists clenched, tears starting to sting his eyes. The louder and louder the taunts got, the more they became one with his heart. His body started to feel like it was on fire the closer he got to Feol, until his mind just went dark. ExDrakas started to beat the servant boy, with his bare hands.

What seemed like hours to ExDrakas finally came to a screeching halt when a loud noise, of metal grinding metal, and a bright light came from the door behind him. All the young nobles scattered but Shelk and another noble boy named Tismen. In fact they looked almost pleased to see the light. There in the door stood Shelk’s father and ExDrakas’s grandfather, Donaves. Shelk’s father started to demand an explanation and instantly all the young nobles started to point there fingers as ExDrakas. Shelk and Tismen smiled as they pointed at him.

“This was all planed out from the start” he thought to himself. “Nothing will change and the name of Consecro will always be shamed, for there is nothing that can sway there minds.” His blood started to boil again but this time his anger was pointed at the young nobles. All sounds turned only into echos of there harsh words and lies. His heart filling full of anger until it became a inferno that caused him to snap. ExDrakas leaped at the closest young noble, but before he could even touch one he was struck down by his grandfathers cane.

“I will not allow you to shame our name any further, boy!” Donaves Screamed in anger.

The blow cracked squarely into ExDrakas’s temple and the fire in his heart quickly moved to his skull. All the light in the room started to fade and sounds started to muffle. The works “Shame our name” burned into his mind over and over until all went black.

Sins Scar, Scars Remember, Remember your Sins!

When ExDrakas awoke he found himself in his family temple to the Emperor God, strapped to a old torture table with no clothing. There in the room stood his entire family and the elders of the other noble families.

“You have shamed our family and cost us a dept to the other noble families that will take years to pay! For this, in front of those who have witnessed your crime and the Emperor God, I will see to it that your sins be forever remembered by scripting them into your flesh! This will be your way of life util the day your light feeds the Emperor God!” Yelled Donaves. He then turned to look at the crowd. “Do you see this as a fitting punishment my nobles?”

The room bowed with the words “Aye!” in unsent, echoing through the cold temple.

“Then let us begin!” Yelled Donaves.

ExDrakas not able to speak, because of being gaged, felt as his flesh was burned, cut , and marked with ink. The pain flooding his nose and eyes with a stinging like he never felt before, tried to scream, but there was nothing. His grandfather started chanting Ecclesiarchy prayers but due to the pain ExDrakas couldn’t really understand what he was chanting.

ExDrakas looked up at all the faces of the people that had come to witness his punishment. All of his family held there heads low in shame where as the other nobles held there heads high with almost a smile on there faces, but there was on face in the crowd that stood out the most. Looking more scared and afraid stood Feol, the servant boy. His face had cuts and scares that where not there even after his beating from ExDrakas.

Just as ExDrakas started to try and ponder this more the pain grew stronger and stronger as Donaves started to dig deeper into his flesh. Donaves then yelled “The strenght of our great God Emperor is only as strong as all of those under his feet! Whether it be a noble or the man that washes his floors, we all have a part to play to send that strength to him! May these marking bare a burden that you will never forget!” Donaves leaned into ExDrakas and whispered “And may this make you a better man!” Then ExDrakas passed out.

From Blind Boy to a willing man

When ExDrakas awoke from his punishment he was greeted by his mother Carrdia’s smile. She was humming a Ecclesiarchy tune, that he has heard many times before but has never really heard the words or every knew its meaning, while sitting at the foot of his bed. He tried to sit up but the pain had weakened his arms and he slouch back down.
Ryouma torture

“Easy there my son!” said Carrdia. “Your experience had caused you to sleep for two days now and you have not moved since. Your body is weak so please stay still my sweet boy!”

ExDrakas confused at his mother’s kind words, started to bother him. “How could she still show such love and compassion for me even after what I have done” he thought to himself. He knew his mother was a Cleric of the God Emperor and was always the most compassion-it person he has ever meet, but after the events of the last few days was confused as to why she would even look him in the eyes.

“Mother, I’m so sorry for what I have done. I have gone against all the teachings that you and the rest of my family have raised in me. How can I redeem myself and face you all in the light you all once saw me in?” he said in a almost panicked voice.

“You can not my son. The boy you were died the moment you hit that servant boy, and now is the time for you to begin a new.” said his mother as she got up off the bed and turned to fully face him. “Your brother had the same issues growing up in these times of shadow for our family, but he chose to not take his anger out on those he cared for and joined the Imperial Guard and protect them, using that fire that grew in his belly.” She lowered her eyes away from ExDrakas for a moment as if she was in deep thought as her smile faded away, but only for a moment as she then again started to smile and raised her eyes to him again. “Your grandfather and I have decided to teach you the ways of Ecclesiarchy. I know that if your father had his way, you would have become a scholar like him in the Adepta Ordos, but he too feels that you being in the Ecclesiarchy would be better suited.” Her smile then turned a bit more stern. “This is not a option and you need to be schooled.”

“No, no I fully understand my mother and I do wish to learn more about the ways of you and grandfather! I feel that with these teachings I will be able to fully understand my true purpose in the God Emperor’s eyes!” said ExDrakas.

“Good!” said a voice from the shadows of the room. Turning and looking in that direction was ExDrakas’s grandfather, Donaves, who also was sharing a large smile like his mother’s. He walked up shuffling on his cane and carrying a large stack of books in one arm. He sat the books down on the bed and sat at his side. “Then we begin now!”

Trained to be a man of Adeptus Ministorum and the people

For weeks Donaves and Carrdia schooled ExDrakas in the ways of the Ecclesiarchy while he healed from his punishment. He learned of the particular Imperial Cult dogma through the eyes of his grandfather in that the strenght of our great God Emperor is only as strong as all of those under his feet! Whether it be a noble or the man that washes his floors, that we all have a part to play to send that strength to him! This idea burned in ExDrakas’s mind going back to his punishment when Donaves scared his flesh, he remembered these were his same words.

His training and schooling continued for months under them even after he healed with only small breaks that consisted of sleep, eating, and going out to help the lower class workers with any help they may need. Months went by and Donaves trained ExDrakas in the ways of fighting with a sword. ExDrakas said that he also wanted to know how to use a gun but Donaves would explain to ExDrakas that if a fight was needed then it was better to face them eye to eye to truly know the enemy then to shot from a far and not know the enemy at all.

More time went by with training and helping those that needed it. One day after ExDrakas’s breakfast, he and his mother went into the outer parts of the city to see if any of the lower class citizens where in need of any help. As they walked into the main market area they saw a huge commotion. Three nobles where standing there as there guards where beating a old merchant. One of the nobles was Shelk Proditor. She was standing there holding her bare arm in pain screaming “Beat the old bastard!” over and over. Carrdia quickly ran over to the group and engaged in pushing back the guards.

“What is the meaning of this” Said Carrdia in a commanding voice.

“This man was paid in throne to tattoo the image of my little Sloglo on my arm but he attempted to kill me by stabbing me in the arm” said Shelk in a very whinny voice.

“I would never..cough.. do such a thing..cough..! You flinch as..cough.. soon as I..cough..cough.. did the first dab!” said the old merchant on the floor.

“Your calling me a lier! Everyone here saw you stab me!” Cried Shelk

“Thats a enough!” Yelled Carrida “All of you return about your own business now!”

“This IS my business you CONSECROO!” Shelk yelled back in a condescending voice. “I am not leaving until this man pays for what he has done to me!” Shelk moved her hand away from her arm only for a second to then quickly moved it back up realizing they all could see that it was only a scratch. “I will not be told what to do by a Consecro or any other piece of low, filth! I will not..”

“GO HOME ALL OF YOU! ALL TRUE CRIMES AGAINST THE GOD EMPEROR WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED HERE TODAY!” Boomed from ExDrakas’s mother’s mouth. Some ran and others just slugged away. Shelk lost her self and started to move with haste and fear, bumping into other people not even caring if it was a dirty lower citizen but still not saying anything to them as she normally would if then even where a few feet from her. Even the old merchant man tried to wiggle towards his respective home.

“Stop your going to need help.” Said Carrida to the the old merchant. “What is your name?”

“My name is Trouter.” he coughed. “I run this tattoo stand here.” He points to the stand with a weak, shaky hand. On the merchant stand there is a small plack that says “Confessions to Flesh”.

“Confessions to Flesh eh?” said Carrida

“Yes, I mainly do tattoos…cough…that have to do with the Ecclesiarchy. I use to tattoo Imperial…cough.. Guardsmen when I..cough..traveled with a man of Adeptus Ministorum. He would have me tattoo there sins on them as he would chant about forgiveness in these…cough…dark days. Thank you for saving me, but I know they will be back and I’m am no longer..cough..going to be able to support my two grandchildren. They have broken my hands..cough.”

“Well Trouter Sigmus, I believe we can help you!” said Carrida “ExDrakas pack what you can of this shop in our cart and lets take Trouter home.”

“Thank you my lady but I am confused as to how you know my last name!” said Trouter.

“Because I know of you Trouter. My father Donaves has told me a lot of you and your travels together.” Said Carrida in a soft tone. “Come lets get you home!”

ExDrakas over hearing this looked at Trouter. He could see as Trouter started to cry and tried putting his broken hands together as if he was praying into the heavens and was muttering. The dirt from the dusty road on his face turned into a red mud, at the bottom of his cheeks, when it met with his new cuts from the beating.

“Hurry up ExDrakas, before there is more trouble with house Proditor!” said Carrida. “We have lots of work to do to get Trouter and his family moved into our home.”

“So this is the compassion that my grandfather has been trying to show me” ExDrakas thought to himself. ExDrakas quickly packed all he could in the large cart they brought with them, help his mother pick up Trouter and went to his home.

Once they all arrived to Trouter’s home they started to pack all they could. Trouter told his two grandchildren what had happened and why they had to move. The two children started to cry and show panic.

“All will be well and your new home will be nicer than this one.” ExDrakas said to the two children.

This brought a smile to there faces and to Trouter’s and Carrida’s faces as well. They finished packing and left for the Consecro manor. When they arrived there was great rejoicing for Trouter and Donaves. They got the new addition to there family settled in the manor. They made a feast and reconciled all night on there travels together in the Usier Sector. Trouter talked about what had happened in the last 20 years and how he and his grandchildren ended up here on Baris. There was only one dark part of the night and that was when they talked further about the encounter with Shelk Proditor. All was silent for a only a few minutes. ExDrakas could see his grandfathers face turn with thought and fear, as he looks over at the two Sigmus children playing by the fire.

“I will have to speak with Sator Proditor about this issue. I don’t want this issue to escalate any further and cause any harm to your kin.” Said Donaves “BUT in the mean time I have a grandson that could use a trade other than his horrible cooking skills, that only a Orc would eat!” Donaves said in a fun-loving way. “I would be honored if you could teach this boy your art, Sir Sigmus!”

“I would love too Donaves Consecro!” Said Trouter.

Donaves and his whole family stopped for a moment. Not sure as to way they did, or why there was joy mixing with sorrow. ExDrakas knew why he felt this way, because this was the first time in his whole life he had heard anyone use his last name in a honorable way.


ExDrakas Consecro

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