Kade Raltus Fykos

Gunsmith and arms dealer from the Fykos family forges on Gunmetal.


Divination: “The gun is mightier than the sword.” (+3 BS)

WS – 27
BS – 55
Str – 34
T – 31
Agi – 44
Int – 34
Per – 40
WP – 32
Fel – 45

Wounds: 13
Fate: 2
Corruption: 2
Insanity: 2

XP: 2500/2500

Advancements Taken: Ballistic Skill (5), Agility (5), Fellowship (+5)

Talents/Traits: Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary, Packing Iron, Way of the Gun, Etiquette, Supremely Connected, Vendetta, Wealth, Ambidextrous, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Lightning Reflexes, Crack Shot, Mighty Shot

Weapon Training: Melee (Primitive), Pistol (SP), Pistol (Bolt), Basic (SP)

Skills: Literacy (Int), Awareness (10), Barter, Charm, Deceive (10), Dodge, Tech Use, Security, Blather, Slight of Hand, Common Lore (Imperium), Peer (Nobility), Peer (Mercantile), Trade (Weaponsmith)

Contacts: Skully (Weaponsmith)

Wealth: 1600 TG
Income: 640 TG

Gear: Backpack, Clothing, Rations (3 days), Void Emergency Kit (w/ Melta Gel), Lucky Bolt Casing, Privacy Field Generator

Armor: Xeno Mesh 3(RA)/4(LA)/4(B)/4(RL)/4(LL) || Flak Greatcoat 4(LA)/4(RA)/4(B)


Westingkrup “Carnodon” : SP Pistol, 1d10+5I, Pen 2, R 35, s/3/-, Clip 6, Reload Full
—Accurate(+10), Best Quality
((Loaded with Man-Stopper Bullets. +3 Pen))

Skully “Triple Lock” : Bolt Pistol, 1d10+6X, Pen 4, R 30, s/-/-, Clip 3, Reload 2Full
—Accurate(+5), Reliable

Sulymann “Encarmine” : SP Pistol, 1d10I, Pen 0, R 20, s/3/8, Clip 24, Reload Full

Physical Description:
Kade is a slightly imposing man standing at 2 meters tall with a wiry frame that he hold confidently. There is an air of authority to the man though he is quick to grin and punctuate with a curse. His fair skin shows few blemishes, making it clear that he has had little exposure to the working conditions of the forges which he represents, except for the callous of his finger tips and the discolored scar roughly the size and shape of a led slug marking his neck. He wears fine, well cut and practical clothing of good quality and a number of pistols in many sizes and shapes of even better quality. All of that is topped with a greatcoat that has seen some wear. His thick black hair is brushed back from his face and his facial hair is trimmed neatly, while his eyes scan and appraise his surroundings thoroughly. He is quick in reactions and quick with a dirty joke when it seems needed, his language a good bit more vulgar than you might expect from someone so well dressed and from a back ground like his. In all, there is more to the man than what is on the surface.


The fanes and forges of Gunmetal are a tough and brutal place, ruled by the law of the guns that they create. Not even the nobility is safe from the lawless aspects of this massive city, and in these conditions you either survive or die trying. Kade was the younger of two brothers and the streets taught the both of them harsh lessons in life.

Kade Raltus Fykos

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