Roddy: Rochester St.McClare

"In the struggle for life there are no civilians."

This lean figure stands in a dirty old flack coat sporting old bullet holes with a hunting rifle slung over his shoulder.

I was born on a hive world to simple citizens and fit in quite comfortably. The hive live was great. Really all its cracked up to be there was always something to do… and someone to run into.

I had a girl named Thia, like her life was kind and uncomplicated; until the imperium stepped in… they came down with there black shipped and took her away; I fought for what I could. But in the end I ended up “volunteered” for the imperial guard. Something about invoking the emperor coupled with petty-crimes led me to some back-water war planet in the search for “structure and faith.” They trained me to shoot and crawl and was assigned to some frontline recon team. Training sucked and active duty was worse, were we on the planet “negotiating” with the native insurgences. “Negotiate” Ha! the closest I got to “negotiating” was about forty some meters with a laz round; I take that back we negotiated with the natives in hand to hand combat once but no good came of that; my entire team was wiped out in that ambush, I managed to squirm away when the fight started to go south and hid amongst the dead; I’d seen it done on some old war movies and thought it might work.

It worked, for a while until they started looting the bodies and found me. They took me captive, and brought me to some ram-shack remote city. I managed to escape, but by then I didn’t have a dam clue where I was so I melded in to native city and employed as a hired gun. It wasn’t long until the imperium ended up in the city and held me captive, from one hands to another and back again… they though I was a native and with good reason I’d been pronounced dead for months.

I finally made enough noise to end up in a separate cell, until they received orders what to due with me; and thats when I meet creed. He said he needed a few men like me, what destitute…. I laughed to my self what did I have to offer I’d just been spent the last two weeks in a concrete room with barely enough room to lie down in. I had nothing and no one, and this was my way out.

Roddy: Rochester St.McClare

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