Zek of Gal'Tem

Zek is a HUGE feral man that has never had the best of luck or love in his life but the Emperor has smiled down upon him and through his grace given Zek a chance to live a life for a higher purpose in the Emperor's name.


Character Name: Zek of Gal’Tem A.K.A. “Zek the Able”

Career: Gaurdsmen
Rank: 3
Home World: Feral World Dusk
Quirk: Piercing
Divination: “Thought Begets Heresy; Hersey begets Retribution.” +3 Strength
Experience Level: 1800


Zek is giant of a man weighing in about 193kg, standing at 2.24m, yet is only 19 years old. This is a grown adult in his tribe on Dusk. His skin is reddish in color and heavily scared form the harsh world of Dusk and years spent in the Imperial Guard fighting Orcs. One, very deep, scar in particular is on his left cheek. Also on his body he has tribal branding showing a record of the great deeds he has done in his life. His long black hair that is not kept dangles in his face with out care, most of the time, so it is hard to see his large grey eyes. Zek has 12, looped piercings, 5 in each ear from the lobe up and two in the right nostril.


Zek carries himself very sternly yet seems very playful at times as well because he finds others that say they are more civilized to be funny to him. Also due to his past likes to have a good time when he can fit it in. He sometimes mixes up his low Gothic with his own tribal language and uses some other words out of context because of his limited training he was given and may have just learned the word. Zek can be normally also be seen stuffing his face. This could just be due to his large size and the need for such consumption but even he will say the best part of being in the guard was the food, and anyone in the guard can tell you the food sucks. Zek is also a perfectionist to prove himself to those in his employee and will try to go above and beyond the line of duty. Does not like Warp Travel. WARNING!! Zek is a hugger.



  • Starting Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic)(Int), Swim (S)
  • Starting Talents: Melee (Primitive), Pistol (Primitive), Basic (SP, Primitive)

Feral World:

  • Primitive: -10 on Tech-Use(Int), -10 Fellowship in formal or civilized surroundings
  • Wilderness Savvy: Treat Navigation (Surface), Survival, and Tracking as Basic Skills.

Dusk Tribal: On page 22 of the Inquisitor’s Handbook

  • Speak Language Dusk Cant(Int)
  • Bad Blood: 1d5 Corruption, 1d5 Insanity, +3 Perception and Willpower
  • Dark Tales: Common Lore Dusk Folklore, Treat Forbidden Lore Daemonology and Scholastic Lore Occult as Basic Skills
  • Little Left to Fear: Reduce all fear effects by one degree and suffer no effects from creatures or phenomena with rating of 1, -1 Fate Point.

The Mork Drop Massacre: Is just a name change from the “Mara Landing Massacre” page 34 of the Inquisitor’s Handbook

  • Willpower +5, Resistance (Psychic Powers), 1d5 Corruption, +1 Fate Point, 1d10 Insanity.

Wounds: 16
Fate Points: 2


  • Current: 12
  • Degree of Madness: 1
  • Disorders: Dislikes Warp Travel/Uneasy


  • Current: 2
  • Degree of Corruption: n/a
  • Malignancies: Dusk Taint (Unnatural size and STR x2)


  • Half Action: 3
  • Full Action: 6
  • Charge: 9
  • Run: 18


Weapon Skill: 44 A: II
Ballistic Skill: 39 A: I
Strength: 49 (Unnatural STR x2) A: I
Toughness: 46
Agility: 32
Intelligence: 31
Perception: 36
Willpower: 34
Fellowship: 25

NOTE: A = Number of Characteristic Advances Taken


Awareness (Per) Sk
Dodge (Ag) Sk
Intimidate (S) Sk
Swim (S) Sk
Navigation (Surface)(Int) Ba
Survival (Int) Sk
Tracking (Int) Ba
Common Lore Dusk Folklore (Int) Sk
Forbiden Lore Daemonology (Int) Ba
Scholastic Lore Occult (Int) Ba


Speak Language (Low Gothic)(Int) Sk
Speak Language (Dusk Tribal)(Int) Sk


Resist (Psychic)
Little Left to Fear
Sound Constitution III


Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive)
Basic Weapon Training (SP, Primitive)
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)


Miscellaneous Items

Common Street Clothes
Best Quality Clothes
Mercenary Licence


Fire Axe
The Gal’Tem Axe


Shells 38
Special Shells?? 2


Zek had a normal life…. for a tribal from Dusk. He grew up learning the ways to survive the harshness of the planet by his elders and the ways of his people. Zek grew up very strong and fast due to a unnatural taint on the planet and because of this his people knew that one day he would be chosen to go with the Dark Angles in the sky, but at the age of 11 a different fate fell upon him. His tribe of Gal’Tem was attacked by another larger tribe. Zek was given the honor to attack, head on, there Chieftain but was overpowered by there more experienced leader. Zek was greatly dishonored when the Chieftain scared Zek’s tribal marking on his face and left him alive to wonder the wastes of Dusk instead of giving him a warriors death and leaving him the last male of the Gal’Tem tribe.

Given only his broken axe, Zek wondered the wastes of Dusk fighting for his life against many told dangers. Zek prayed for the Dark Angles to come from the sky and take him, day after day but they never came. He wondered for a little less then a year and was starting to grow week, since the hunting was not going well and little water could be found in the safer areas of the waste. One day he saw a flash of light break from a dark cloud. This was not a normal fire in the sky like when a rock from there dieing son would come crashing down but a brighter light, a white light. Zek followed the direction the light went and saw a large structure that he has only heard tales of from this tribal leader, but did not have the markings of the star with an eye but some kind of two headed bird. Zek although being completely parched and weak from lack of food stayed his distance from the structure and only watched for a few days, but on the second day, Zek feeling close to death saw the doors of the structure open wide and a bright light came poring through. Zek could almost see what looked life a man signalling him forward. Zek got up from behind the tree he was hiding behind and started to move closer to the man but his vision started to blur and soon pasted out.

When Zek awoke he found himself on a odd cloth bed in a room full of other tribals and men dressed in extravagant robes tending to there wounds as there was this very odd noise, coming from a steal box with green lines, moving and sounding like it is going to his heart beat. Not so afraid as he was curious Zek tried to get up but found himself bound by metal rope to the wall. Zek didn’t have time to panic before one of the men in robes came to him and spoke in his tribal tongue telling him that he was safe and going to be fine now that he was in the hands of the Zelf Emperor. Some of the words the man was saying didn’t make any sense to Zek because his native tongue did not use many words and by Zek’s nature he began to ask many questions. And with this came to know that the man that signaled him forward to this place had to be the God Emperor.

During his stay on the base that he soon found out was called Dusk Haven, he grew even more in size and strength. Zek’s mentor and trainer was a man of the Ecclesiarchy by the name of Angus Hollem, who was a kind yet stern man of the cloth. For about a year and a half Zek was schooled in Low Gothic, a bit about the worlds outside of Dusk, and the Imperium, as to try and wash away some of his tribal misconceptions and to train him for war since those of the Imperium knew that the planet of Dusk is normally recruiting grounds for those of Chaos.

After sometime on Dusk Haven, Zek was recruited into the Imperial Guard to fight Orks. Only being the age of 13 during the time Zek was much larger then most in his platoon and took pride in fighting hand to hand with the Orks. During this time Zek was given by his platoon the nickname “Zek the Able” because if there was anything crazy to be done or large to be moved Zek was the first to raise his hand and say “Zek is able, Zek can do it!” The food was great but lots of the men he served with didn’t think so. They also complained about the hard work. These things didn’t bother Zek one bit and Zek didn’t think many of the smaller men would last 10 minutes where he was from.

Zek fought with the Ork hunters for years some even from Armageddon, war after war, world to world, up to the age of 17 when he was recruited to fight more Green Skins on a planet called Mork. It was to be simple, routine, and procedural for the drop on Mork. Its not like Zek or the other millions of Imperial soldiers have not done a drop like this before onto a Ork infested planet but this time it was different. No one really knows how or why it happened. Was it a miscalculation, a mistranslated signal, or a sheer over site on someones part that dropped over two million Imperial soldiers, dead center into a vast sea of over six million Orks? Most Imperial soldier’s drop ships didn’t even touch ground before they where shredded by Ork fire. Zek’s drop ship was hit but did touch down. As soon as the hatch opened three of his crew mates where cut down by Ork fire, but Zek charged forward anyways keeping in mind the task, cutting down two Orks quickly with his axe, Zek finally realized the danger he was in when he saw the massive waive of fire in the sky favoring the Orks sending Imperial drop ships crashing down and like a fiery shadow deep within the clouds of smoke could see cracked in half a falling Imperial Battle cruiser. Everything started to slow down, he could hear his heart beating as he then looked again a head of himself and all around, saw the Sea of Green Skins charging forth. Zek moved forward but was cut down by a spray of Ork fire and crumpled to the ground. Zek only came in and out of conscientiousness a few times realizing he was covered in dead bodies of human and ork alike and could not move. At one point there was a loud crash, a rush of heat, and more struggles of war, each time trying to crawl out of the pile. The last thing Zek remembers seeing is a large silver skull on the shoulder of a man clad in silver metal and bigger then he was, while being carried towards another ship with more silver metal men.

Zek awoke in a infirmary surrounded by doctors busy working on people and again attached to a metal box that beeps with his heart beat. Soon two of the large metal men in silver approached him and started to ask him questions about the war below. Zek told him little because there was little to tell. Zek started to feel sick and instantly knew the ship was in warp. He never felt good when in warp. The two metal men left him alone and later was questioned again by another man in a large metal suit but this one was not wearing a helmet and did not have a silver skull but a “I” shape on his shoulder. Again Zek had little to tell the man and he was left alone and passed out again.

When Zek awoke again he found himself in another room with many other Imperial soldiers lots of them missing limbs and broken by war, when a large door opened and sunlight poured in. He was quickly escorted out of the room and in mass they where all debriefed on the mission on Mork. “Welcome to planet Sentinel, this is Imperial Base Rocksheer” The man at the podium said. He called the drop on Mork “The Mork Drop Massacre” said that all 74 of us that have been found and survived this tragedy, are now discharged of duty but can reenlist if we choose or be found other work. The man then said “Can you all get into line and we will see to it that we will do as you choose. May the God Emperor be with you all.” Zek got into line realizing that out of the millions dropped on Mork that day, that only 74 lived and he was blessed to be one of them. Zek did not reenlist into the Imperial Guard but instead took a mercenary licence.

Zek wondered the streets of planet Sentinel and found a shop where he bought some supplies and as he was leaving ran into a older man by the name of Equitius Morn. He stated he saw Zek come out of the Rocksheer Base and wondered if I was for hire or just on leave of duty. Zek told Equitius that he was in luck and was for hire, showing his new mercenary licence to Equitius many times during the interview. “I know your licenced sir but there is no need to show me it again, I need you to help as a bit more ummm…. protection for a employer of mine, Adamenta Kain. I can pay you right away and you seem perfect for the job, are you interested?” Zek smiled really big and just replied “Zek is Able!” “Very good sir Zek, now if you will just follow me I’ll introduce you to Sir Adamenta Kain” Replied Equitius and they walked down the street into a local bar.

Zek of Gal'Tem

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